2021 Onward & Forward

Hello to you and wishing that all is well with you who may be reading this or not! And yes, may you all be healthy and happy, considering the global scene and exploration into the new vaccination of the 21st century.

On a more upward note personally, I have just published my first audiobook on Audible entitled Goodreads Short Stories 2019! Based in Australia, Grasshopper Bot hired me. It is an interesting compilation of writers from their competition of that year, and some of the stories are slightly dark and some not so. Please feel free to give me feedback, on Audible positive feedback only PLEASE! LOL if otherwise you can send me a note here, how about that?

Due to the Lockdown just over a year ago, I have begun to do a number of play readings with different theatre companies and that has been a lot of fun, yes over zoom! Yes, there will be a Facebook Live reading of Middletown by Will Eno, just for the fun of it. Thank you @Angela Beyer for setting it up.

Aaah yes, finally joined Instagram and also have been doing Improv with Second City and now Rich Baker - fab American dude!

I think this is entitled now: Living in America.

Until next time, rock jazz, love, and roll my darlings, and press on!

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