Shall I or shan't I?

Shall I or shall I not? Shall I or shall I not blog? Dance? Audition for this play that I do not connect with? Go to Brighton for a day? Who truly, madly, deeply cares, other than myself?

But that is enough: thank goodness, thank God, thank you friend, who I do not know?


It is May now, I missed the Brighton event, I am still in the US, tomorrow is one of my father's birthdays, and yes, I am now in rehearsal and assisting for the second play of 2018!

THE RESISTABLE RISE OF ARTURO UI, Bertolt Brecht's rendition of of the rise of a narcissistic lunatic (Hitler) under the guise of the American gangster.

Opens at City Garage with preview 29th of June, with champagne.

Time to move on.....

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