Moments in the now.

Hello to anyone reading this in this moment, now!

I realized yesterday, one has not said a word on my site for quite some time and it is time, at least now to do a little blathering.

Since last November living in America has changed somewhat, specifically on a day I laughed, then cried, then laughed again at the insanity and the striving of the soul on all levels of life. Too too serious, too too deep? Well too too late because the words are falling out of my head in these moments NOW.

Where is the love? One feels like saying! Where is the love, where is the mind? Is it all ego and opinion - this is my response to 'he who shall remain nameless' who became embedded into the history of America last November. Ok there is that insanity and the reverse.

Then there is today - moving into 2017 - at a spring's jump of time - a sunny day in southern California. The surfers are out, the paddle boarders and seekers, lovers of sun and sand and the blue blues of ocean and sky, adorn the beaches and parks with wistful yearnings of the moments of now.

Here it is, will be and yes it was as well. Who knew?

So to all the lovely people I meet by day and night, whether to meet again or not, it is and always will be an interesting pleasure,

or not.

There it is.

As an aside - currently in rehearsal for a Charles Mee play: Adam and Evie.

Information at

I consider him the greatest and most adored plagiarizer, loved and adored by many, including myself! grabbing texts from Shakespeare to Rainer Werner Fassbinder and compiling them with his own words. Anyway let's see what happens!


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